Iboga description and presentation

Iboga is a kind of rainforest shrub and stimulant which is native to western Central Africa.

We want to present a brief description of what iboga means. More information and details can be find on Wikipedia.

Iboga overview:

Stimulates the central nervous system when taken in small doses and induces visions in larger doses.

iboga rainforestThe central pillar of spiritual practice in West-Central Africa, mainly Gabon, uses the alkaloid-containing roots of the plant in a number of ceremonies.

Depending on the dose, the user’s diet, and the user’s level of activity, a person who consumes iboga will experience different effects.

These effects can be dreamy visions and unconsciousness. Iboga can also act as a powerful stimulant. People have taken iboga to feel less tired and as an aid for hunting. Healers and sorcerers have used iboga to achieve knowledge of the divine.

Researchers believe that iboga is also used as treatment for addiction to amphetamines, opiates such as heroin, and cocaine.


How people use?

In Africa, the Bwiti secret societies of Gabon and Congo consumed iboga in all-night village ceremonies that included vigorous dancing because it creates wonders.

The Bwiti cult used iboga to contact and affirm their relationship with their ancestors.

What is Bwiti?

Bwiti is a spiritual discipline practiced by people of Gabon.

By experiencing this sense of the individual’s relationship to group spirit, they hoped to strengthen the bonds of their society and promote the well-being of all who belonged to it.


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