It’s the chance of a lifetime.

Mouila, Gabon, Africa

Deep within the heart of the African continent exists a mystical plant called Iboga. During Bwiti ceremonies, the roots from this sacred shrub are used to concoct a potion that transports initiates over to the spirits’ world. Once there, the initiate comes face-to-face with Mamiwata—the feared and revered Spirit of The Ngounie River—who decides their fate. For some, the alleged encounter leads to a fulfilling and prosperous life; for others, it brings calamity and death.

Like many scientists, NATHAN DALE dreams of a breakthrough in one of the world’s most complex illnesses—drug addiction. When an old colleague summons him to study the Iboga root, he seizes the opportunity and embarks on a research trip to Mouila, Gabon. Along with his best students—Megan, Andy, and Matt and Emily—he hopes to find the solution to a drug addiction free world.

At first everything seems to go as planned. But when the scientists travel deeper into places that the Gabonese villagers themselves fear to disturb — when their reckless actions contribute to the destruction of the rainforest, the disruption of the ecosystem, in the name of research — they quickly realize that Iboga is not just a candidate for the treatment of drug addiction; for the natives, it is a sacred shrub, a gateway to the spirits’ world.

As hallucinations start to devour the scientists’ reality, and the line between the spirits’ world and reality becomes blurry, the visitors lose their ability to distinguish the worlds in which they exist. Will they find their way out? Only the Spirit of the Ngounie River knows if they’re worthy enough to survive.


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